1970s sci fi movie with humans in tubes

This has been a memory for so long I cannot remember if this is a movie, two movies, or something my kid brain made up 40 years ago.

– saw this in mid 1970s

– saw it on TV, might have been a tv show or movie

– don’t remember if it was English.  I saw it in Holland as a kid.  So origin could have been British or Us also.

– it was in color

– visuals/plot points: future sci-fi setting in which human bodies are being grown/stored in tubes or cocoons.  Evil dude / scientist was behind this.  A team discovers this and unravels the secret.  If I recall opening one tube revealed the humans to be different left vs right half (male & female?).  Likely am misremembering that as it sounds ridiculous.  There was a blood-red pool or river, and at one point a man and a woman survive by throwing an empty cocoon into the rushing red river as the whole place blows up and they ride out by holding onto it.


2 thoughts on “1970s sci fi movie with humans in tubes

  1. im sorry i cant help with the title, but if its any validation i know what your talking about. i think i caught a glimpse of it on TV maybe ten years ago?

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