1970s Made-for-TV movie

A made for TV suspense movie set — I think — in LA. A successful man was framed for a crime. (He may have been given LSD to muddle his memory of what happened.) He turned to his friends for help, but slowly his friends peeled away. He pursued the truth to get at whoever framed him. Meanwhile, the evil party responsible had hired an unstoppable assassin to kill any loose ends. The assassin’s trademark: killing anyone who could ever recognize him. (There was a memorable scene where he pushed a painter to his death off a high ladder.) The assassin killed all the loose ends: the bad guy rewards him with a bullet — and thinks he’s killed the assassin. Bad guy, holding a gun, confronts patsy on skyscraper rooftop, makes gloating speech. Suddenly, the assassin appears — not dead — covered in paint and chemicals from where he’d fallen. He advances on the bad guy who shoots him repeatedly — but the assassin keeps coming. At one point, the assassin crosses an electrical element — and still keeps coming — until he grabs the bad guy and pulls him off the roof, whereupon bad guy and assassin fall from the skyscraper, locked in a flaming embrace. The patsy is shortly cleared of guilt.

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