1970s horror

I’m pretty sure it’s a movie but it could be a tv show. The only scene I remember is there’s a woman in the kitchen washing dishes when she turns around,  she has glass, or a piece of broken mirror,  in her eye.

6 thoughts on “1970s horror

    1. That looks like it might be it. I’ll watch it tonight and report back. Even if it’s not, it looks like something I will like. Thank you.

  1. A long shot, but maybe The Boogeyman (1980) by Ulli Lommel? I haven’t seen it, but the one image I associate with the film is Suzanna Love with a fragment of mirror gleaming in her eye.

  2. That was it! Thank you. I misremembered the scene, she was actually cooking. No wonder I didn’t remember anything else about it, it was a terrible movie, but I’m glad I finally know.

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