1970’s British May/December Romance

The movie I’m looking for is a British movie from the 1970s, which is a romance between a married man (with a wife and two small children) who is the lighting technician for a play in which a young girl is a part. The older man and younger girl start seeing one another, before the man discovers that she is actually still a schoolgirl. In the movie, the man goes on a tour of the play with the young girl, while the wife goes overseas somewhere to do a commercial shoot where she is a model. The man and young girl eventually end up in his apartment, where they sleep together, and she accidentally leaves a ribbon in the bed. His wife comes home only moments after the girl leaves. Eventually the man and the girl break up, and the man returns to his family. In the last scene in the movie, his wife discovers the girl’s ribbon in their bed, realizing that he’s been having an affair, but she keeps the information to herself.

The man’s father is a drunk and a gambler, who is unemployed. He comes to see his son at his apartment, just after he has slept with the young girl, and she is still inside. The father asks for some money, and the son gives it to him, keeping him outside, so he won’t come and see the girl.

I wish I knew the identity of one of the actors, but I don’t. The movie is set in England, kind of at the end of the swinging 60s and beginning of the 70s.

Thanks for your help!

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