1950s dark comedy: inheritance, crime, mistaken identity, detective

I am looking for a 1940s-1950s black and white movie that I have seen on TV a long time ago (15-20 years ago). I think it was a dark comedy, with an opening scene featuring two women hitchhicking; one of them lifts her skirts and makes a car crash. They reach a mansion (which was about to be inherited by one of them), and spend the night. One of the women gets killed (the one inheriting the mansion was supposed to get killed, but because they changed rooms, the other one gets murdered). The ghost of the dead woman remains to haunt the house. A clumsy detective appears to solve the crime but gets himself in a set of ridiculous situations (at some point there is a scene in which he gets trapped in a refrigerator); in the attempt to solve the mistery, they discover secret passageways and chambers of the mansion (one of them leads to a river used to transport dead bodies).

That’s all the information I have (and I am not entirely certain of their accuracy – it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the movie). Any suggestions are much appreciated. Cheers!

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