1940s to 1950s movie about a girl that pretends to be from a rich family.

I saw this movie on a local television station several times in the 60s.  We had a B&W TV so I do not know if it was in color, but I doubt it, and it was in English.  Probably from the 40s or 50s as the girls possibly had saddle shoes and longer skirts.  Our lead is a high school age girl from a working class family, and she meets up with the rich kids that belong to a country club.

She pretends to be from a well-to-do family so she can hang out with them, etc.  The kids use a large slide of sorts which goes into the lake at the club, but it is falling apart.  She tells everyone her father will pay for a new slide. Her father is the foreman(?) at some chemical plant that has large vats of chemicals, and has has payroll(?) money in a safe in the foreman’s office.

She breaks into the factory, crawls across a beam over the smoking vats, almost passing out from the fumes, enters the office (the combination is her birthday?) and takes the money from the safe.  Dad gets blamed and fired, and she fesses up.

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