Young Girl Hacking

There is a young girl hacking or trying to get access to some mainframe and her dad is standing there I can’t remember if she hides it or not when he comes in or if just asks her what shes doing and she tells him but he then leaves to work driving in his car and shes still at home trying to get access to something.. I remember it being some sort of sci-fi type thing but in the regular world.

It’s probably some obscure television episode from a TV series but I can’t figure it out…I know this one won’t get answered but I had to ask.

2 thoughts on “Young Girl Hacking

    1. This was a 1990s early 2000s type deal. It was a serious setting and like scifi-ish.

      Had to be from some TV series. It’s possible it was a movie though, I am just guessing.

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