Woman who lives in the city and works for a big company visits hometown and sees what her life…

…could have been like if she had stayed

There was a woman working her way up through a company and they wanted to buy land in her hometown, but the town didn’t want to sell. It was her job to go ensure the company would get the land. But while she was back she fell in love with the guy and ended up defending the house and moving in there.

I definitely saw it on TV. It might be like an ABC family original movie, or that sort of thing. It was within the last 5 years that I saw it, but it wasn’t necessarily made in the last 5 years.

Specifics I remember:

  • I remember there was a coffee shop that was really important
  • I’m also pretty sure her friend was sleeping with a guy that she was involved with but not committed to, although she was still upset when she found out her friend was seeing him as well.
  • I think all her friends were also fake and told her they were jealous of her when they actually hated her… or something like that.

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