woman locked in room

Maybe some film buff there can help me.
I remember a petite brunette woman being locked in a room with a mattress on the floor. but it’s a nice room. sparse but big and lots of light but she can’t see out of the windows. at one point her captor gives her a salad and says something about keeping her looking good by not feeding her too much or something. she tries to use the oil and vinegar from the salad to get the hinges off the door. it doesn’t really work.

later the captor is in the bathroom with her and makes a comment about how she brushes her hair, saying he likes it a different way and making her do it over. then i think he forces her to do some kind of marriage ceremony and then they’re in bed and she tries to curl up and avoid him. and that’s all i remember. it was late 80’s, maybe early 90’s. maybe made for tv. maybe even part of a tv show or special. in color, american made as far as i can tell.

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