Woman kills her daughter

i remember watching a movie as a kid about a black woman killing her daughter because she believe some white man was coming to get them or kill them then years goes by and the daughter reappears as adult dressing all black (i think she is a ghost)  not remembering a lot of the plot but the daughter likes to eat only candies and i think she seduces her step father sorry not sure. it was a early 2000s movie….

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    1. No, it doesn’t seem like is bag of bones
      As the main characters were all african american
      I recall the mother really thought her daughter was dead and was surprised when the daughter reappeared (as an adult) but happy to have her daughter back eventhought everybody ask her how she is alive …i think she reappeared in a river or lake.:/ as i said wearing all black… throughout all movie she acted like she was some kind of demon ghost and if dont recall wrong at the end of the movie she(daughter) went back to river disappeared??? It was lates 90s or early 2000 when i watch it on tv isi it was a very vague memorie but it bother me to this day
      anyways thank for replying

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