Woman has never seen herself naked

Here’s another vague scene I remember seeing that I’m interested in finding, but probably never will. I’ve posted this on movie boards though the years and so far haven’t found it, every once in a while I like to try to find it again just out of curiosity. Once again, I only saw one short scene so there’s not a lot to go on. I saw this on tv some time between between the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

So, in this scene there’s a man and a woman talking, I’m pretty sure they’re on a couch – I remember the room being pretty dark, but I could be wrong about that. I don’t remember most of the conversation, just one part – the woman tells the man that she’s never seen herself naked, and he asked her what about when she bathes, and she said she just doesn’t look. I always remembered the woman being Elizabeth Perkins, but I’ve looked through her filmography and I don’t think it really is her. Through trying to find this in the past, I found out there’s an episode of Scrubs where a character tells someone she’s never seen herself naked. I watched the scene and it’s definitely not that.

I just always thought that was so strange, so it always stood out for me. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a movie either, it could have been a show. That’s all I remember seeing of it, I don’t remember if I saw anything before that conversation. When I was younger I used to flip through channels and watch small bits of things all the time. As a result I’m always remembering things like this, and I always have a hard time finding them.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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    1. Sorry, I’ve been having internet problems and never saw your response. It definetly a possibility. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  1. I want to say late 20’s – early 30’s. To be completely honest, I don’t remember what the guy looked like at all. For years when I would think back on it I always thought the woman was Elizabeth Perkins, even now I remember her as being Elizabeth Perkins, but that probably because I thought it was her for so long.
    I think they were probably in an apartment, possibly a house. They were sitting close together from what I remember, and I believe the lighting was dim. I’m sorry my memory is a bit foggy. I know this movie is out there, but these scene is probably so insignificant no one can think of it.

  2. Side note, around the same time I saw part of movie on TV just like I saw part of this one. The part I happened to see was really insignificant, and I searched off and on for years trying to find it until finally someone knew what I was talking about and had the Answer. The film itself wound up being kinda crappy, but just having that answer was satisfying. I’m hoping that eventually happens with this film, even if it’s underwhelming.

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