Woman cries black tears, next to man on sofa

This man and woman are seated on a sofa of what might have been the living room of an apartment or hotel room. The woman begins to cry black tears (or they might have been blood; my memory is so hazy at this point). I think the man falls unconscious either before or after the woman begins to cry. She might have been a vampire or a werewolf or some sort of supernatural creature.

Movie was in color; likely in English; and I watched it during the 90s on TV. Not sure when it was from or if it was a movie or television episode.

I hope that’s enough to go on!

8 thoughts on “Woman cries black tears, next to man on sofa

  1. could be an episode from Season 2 or later of Heroes. Maya Herrera’s power involved her crying black tears and causing people to die – see here http://heroeswiki.com/images/7/7b/Powers_maya_kills_pretty_much_everybody.jpg or here https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d8/a7/ee/d8a7ee347b55525a76006ba1102282b4.jpg

    if my memory serves, she was on the run for a fair amount of the first half of S2, so could have definitely been in a hotel room for this scenario at some point.

    1. So strange, this comment didn’t show up for me until just now (I actually just got an email for it like it was new, even though the timestamp says 5am).

    1. This is a great guess! But I don’t think it was Heroes as that came out way later than when I recall watching this scene.

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