Wierd scene of kids’ animated movie

Okay so I remember this movie from 2005-10 or somewhere around there but it’s probably a little older then that because the animation seemed like mid 90s Disney.

The scene takes place in a palace/outskirts of a palace (looks like an Aladdin sort palace) and I remember it being beige and yellow for the most part. It wasn’t a major part of the plot and was only a small portion of the movie.  Anyways, the character somehow gets locked out of the palace and is trying to get in, I’m pretty sure he’s a villain of some sort because I recall not wanting him to get back in the palace (I don’t know if personal opinions are relevant).

He trys numerous ways of getting back into the palace but somehow ends up in liquid that I was lead to believe was human urine.

Not sure if this is much to go off but not knowing has been killing me.

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