Who can tell me the title of this TV movie?

I remember seeing an 80s horror TV movie (I think it was part of a series but I’m not sure) that really stuck on my mind and would like to see again. It was about a couple that buy a house and start having visions about an older man killing his wife in that same building. They realised the older couple used to live there so the house is haunted. Finally they sell the house and just as they go they see the new buyers. They are the ones on the visions. Thanks.

9 thoughts on “Who can tell me the title of this TV movie?

    1. Yaay! I was wondering if you saw my answer. If you hadn’t specified that it was a TV movie, I never would’ve guessed it!

  1. I just watched it again. I had seen it on TV when I was a child (I wonder how my parents let me see it because it’s quite scary) but not complete and, it’s funny but I had false memories about it. For example, I would swear that the couple were holding the birdcage in the last scene. Thanks again!

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