What movie is this?


So I remember watching this movie that came out in maybe the early 2000s. It had a girl as the main character. She had to move to the country with her little brother for some reason. As she’s in this new home, she goes to walk in the woods near by and finds that she’s crossed into a different dimension. In this dimension, she meets a Native American boy that she falls in love with. She keeps going there to visit him. Her brother follows her one time and he gets caught by the native Americans. He tries to run and runs back to his dimension but the native Americans follow him which then leads to the dimension being destroyed. The girl is still in the dimension and has to try to get out before it collapses. This is how she has to say bye to the guy she likes. And then she never sees him again.. Anyone know what movie I’m talking about? It’s been on my mind forever!!

It was in color, on a DVD, and I watched it while Blockbuster was still a major thing. It was at its prime.

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