What is this?

  • i seen it quite a number of years ago, maybe 8, Although I’m not sure when the movie was made.
  • It was in english
  • it was in color
  • I’m not really sure on the details, for some reason a scene popped up in my mind and I’m really wondering what it is now. But there were these kids, and I’m pretty sure their dad was at war, so they all really wanted to see them but at the moment I believe they lived with their aunt and uncle and I think there was a bratty cousin. But there was this weird dragon/lizard type creature, maybe they found something that cause him to appear, but he like granted wishes? And I think the end the dad showed up due to a wish but it obviously wasn’t actually him. I believe the dragon type guy looked old and had a mustache? I don’t know if this is completely accurate but it’s what I think I remember.


5 thoughts on “What is this?

    1. According to IMDb the alternate title is The Sand Fairy, but at some point it could have been called The Psammead.

      1. Sorry yes, apparently second series was called The Return of the Psammead, in the UK anyway. I must be thinking of that.

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