What is this movie?

When i was a kid, i saw an opening scene from a movie. But I don’t know what the actual movie is. It’s been bugging me for years.

a boy and a girl are sneaking out to meet. I think they are in foster care or private school because they are supposed to stay in their rooms where genders are separated. They are maybe 10. It’s night time. They met inside the building and kissed. But the guards know something is wrong. The guards and guard dogs are heard approaching. I think there was an exchange between the two of a hanky or key or something. But the dog gets loose from the guard and knocks the girl off the top of the stair railing or loft railing. She ends up dying I’m sure. But it ends on the boys face staring mortified at the girl on the floor a story below. Probably surrounded by broken wooden railing pieces. Then the movie skips to present day. It might be set in Europe. Color. Young white kids. Please help.

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