What is the damn name?

I have this image in my mind that won’t leave me alone. I truly want to find out the movie it was that I remember bits of it! I recall seeing it when I was younger and it looked like a Sci Fi movie (maybe not?). Here is what I describe the things I remember:

1. A woman with black hair traveling through some kind of tube

2. She is strapped down to a chair in a room (I believe everything there was white). The part of the chair where her hands were restrained had blades come out to cut and take a sample of blood from her. (No torture I believe)

3. She and a boy are on one of those “merry go round” but in a kids park. It shows both them having fun all until a group of men take him ruining the moment and then I believe he was frozen? She is by his side and cries for him.

Thats all i remember really. Any help?

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