Western Movie – Likely 80’s. I only remember the ending.

I saw this movie late night/early morning on television when I was quite young. I’m guessing it’s from the 80’s. I only saw the ending.

It takes place in the 1800’s/pioneer days out on the western plains of the US. There’s a crippled white guy hobbling up the side of a mountain in pursuit of a Native American on a horse. The Native American has a white woman with him and is slowly trotting up the mountain ahead of the crippled man. It’s the horse he’s after as he says “I’ll chase you into Canada if I have to in order to get my horse back.”

Halfway up the mountain, the crippled man finds the woman abandoned. She says to him “Please help me” but he ignores her and continues pursuit. He gets to the top of the ridge only to find the Native American riding off into the distance, he miles away and almost out of sight. The man then looks up to the sky and says “Please help me” and the movie ends.

This one has been bothering me for a long time. One of those strange childhood memories I can’t get closure on.

4 thoughts on “Western Movie – Likely 80’s. I only remember the ending.

  1. “Eagle’s Wing”(1979)

    Here’s the last lines of the movie:

    [last lines]

    [Pike finds White Bull in his camp with Judith, his bound captive]

    Judith: Please… help me!

    [White Bull rides out of camp on his majestic white horse. Pike, ignoring Judith’s plight, takes off in pursuit, but the Indian escapes]

    Pike: Help me… Please, help me.

    And a clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0YjQ9NK1eA

  2. Wow. That’s it!

    It’s a famous one. It’s got Martin Sheen and Harvey Keitel. I always thought is was some made of TV movie.

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