Weird purple monster movie

Saw this movie in 05-08, but was probably made in the 80’s to 90’s. Low quality, in color, it was of a group of kids running from a monster in some woods. I remember the monster to be purple, and one of the most memorable scenes besides what I remember to be the end is when a kid gets stuck in a pool of tar like substance, allowing the monster to catch him. The monster touches the kid, turning him to stone, and breaks off his arm. Then my family flipped the channel, so I didn’t see anything else until they flipped it back at what I think was the end. The kids somehow defeat the monster, and they are holding up a pizza, possibly what defeated the monster. A bizarre movie, though the end may be something I dreamt. If you know what this is, please help, as I’ve been wondering ever since. Thanks!

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  1. In “a wrinkle in time” a boy ends up in a tar pool. And I think there was a stone boy with arm broken. Not sure. Maybe?

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