weird movie i cant remember. Please help!

hello. so i watched this movie in the late 90s to early 2000s but it may be older. its going to sound really weird and i don’t know if anyone is going to know it. i have been searching for this movie for more then five years and i can not find it anywhere. i only remember a few things that stood out to me. its about these two little girls. one is a curly red head and the other kind of looks native american. the most memorable parts of the movie is one of the girls thinks Elvis Presley (the actual singer, he’s not actually in the movie) is her dad. she finds like an old record and sees him on it and mentions that he is her dad. and from there things get weird. apparently there obsessed with going to space and they take a motorcycle and try to convert it into a spaceship. i remember the native american looking girl drives it to space and it was a blue motorcycle. its a really “out there” movie. there was also a scene where one of the little girls pulled up her shirt to reveal a small hatch that opened and looked like she was a robot…. I’m sorry if this comes off weird but I’ve just never been able to find out the name of this movie.been looking for more then 5 years! I am very positive it is not a dream! even if you cant help me thank you for taking the time to try.

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