weird film about time traveller\Alien who travels to medieval Europe



Can anyone recognize this film? I saw it on middle 90´s on TV and it was a very grisly film about a guy (I remember he was long haired and maybe gray hair) from the future/alien who went to Medieval Europe to investigate something; He constantly returned to his ship to talk with someone on a screen.

I remember it was very grisly with some gore in it. In the end, the bad guy kills someone close to the hero, which pisses him off a lot, and run to his ship to get some futuristic gun to kill the bad guy.

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  1. actually sounds more like Trancers 4: Jack of Swords (1994). But it sounds more interesting than what i remember being a very dull movie.

  2. Trancer films were cool but more mainstream, but this film is much more obscure than that, hence I can´t identify it… I do remember that the whole movie was set on the medieval times.

    There´s a more recent movie that *felt* very similar called Outlander:

    With my vague memories, this film I am looking for, came into my mind when I saw Outlander a few years ago. In fact, I remember trying to see at imdb if it had a connection or something (Remake, based on the same source, etc) with that film, but no luck…

    1. Before all, sorry for my bad english. To me it looks like it should it be “Hard to Be a God” (1989). I have seen it last year and the protagonist is like you described. ( a picture of him) The only trouble is that it was not in medieval europe but on a different planet which was exactly as our middle ages, anyway try to watch it and let us know 🙂

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