want to know movie name

I want to know this Hollywood erotic midnight movie name from Zee MGM TV midnight series in which a just married couple having hardcore sex on the table or in kitchen maybe with wedding cloths on, where the guy grabbed her boobs upside popping out again and again and the scene ended with woman shouted loudly like dying. Going ahead there is a short black hair with blue eyes girl had affair with two guy, one of them maybe her husband or boyfriend having two or more sex scene, first one in the tub and second time on the bed the actress is covered with be- sheet all around then the guy fingering her and got erotic. In other scene she met another guy who is handsome and she dropped him by a car then wave him and suddenly another car blown the horn to make her move aside and then she wave them to wait.In other scene actress going to see him at her house and this handsome guy sitting on the chair doing some work then actress come closer to him slowly and that guy try to seduce her by getting his hand under her skirt slowly and suddenly she fall back to stop him and go away from him. and next scene she is nude sitting on sofa or large chair maybe in dream..

Can anyone guess the movie name from midnight television show in the modern 90s ..come oftenly on the television in the night or afternoon time.

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