Violent christmas claymation skit

This one’s a claymation skit i saw in 1999-2000.

It was in a foreign language on a foreign channel (probably french or italian) and it was very violent and bloody. It was christmas themed.

2 girls and one guy were driving in a car talking, santa claus was standing on the road, but they got distracted and ran over santa, splattering blood everywhere. They were freaked out and stuff, but they went back home like nothing happened.

In the house, the christmas objects started to take revenge. the christmas tree choked the guy to death with candy canes.

I forgot what happened to the black girl, but I think she died on the roof..?

The blonde girl got her head cut off by a snowman, and the ending scene was the snowman putting her bloody severed head on his now-headless snow body.

I’ve searched google and youtube for like 4 years now but to no avail… I really enjoyed it and I wanted to see it again XD

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I like anything with violence, blood, and gore. Also 'wtf' movies. Whether they're live action, animated, claymation, or otherwise. Also, if you've seen a gore-porn movie/anime and wanna know what it's called, just ask! I've probably seen it already XD

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