Video game movie

  • the approximate date you saw it – I seen this movie when I was a lot younger so maybe 5-10 years ago
  • actors you might have recognized – I don’t recognises any actors in big block buster movies this was a cheesy one off type.
  • whether it was in English or another language, – This movie was in English may had some Asian language though.
  • whether you saw it on TV (it might be a TV episode rather than a movie), – 100% sure it was a movie as I had the DVD of it
  • whether it was in color or black and white, and – It 100% in colour
  • anything else you can think of that might help pinpoint the film – right here is a long paragraph for you guys to find out what this movie is.

The main character plays a fighting game, he buys the new one in stores. There is a pregnant Asian woman and her father wants her to get rid of the child as it a demon/Satan, also I think that the father was part of the cult because her knew of the demon existence. The pregnant woman and the main character whom I think is a boxer both live in an apartment building and there was a good fight scene between boxers and cultist in the gym/ring, after that the cultists went up the apartment building as she went in labour. The father has a sword defending the stairway cutting down the cultist while the main character has a device on the back of his neck attached to him on the roof top fighting this demon that I think she gives birth to, but the children are controlling the main character playing the fighting game and defeats him. The father of the pregnant woman was seriously hurt/dying in the end.

Thank you!

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