Very strange english movie or TV episode from around the late 90s where

a teenage boy is pregnant with a fairy/magical girl’s baby. The boy’s family wonders what is going on with him and starts to notice his growing belly, and I think he tells them that he’d just been eating a lot lately. The fairy girl tells the boy that he is going to be a “mother”, and she is excited to be a “father”. Eventually, the boy goes into labor and must either cough, sneeze, or puke up the baby in the hospital (I can’t remember which one exactly). It lands in his hands and is a big green blob-like form with a face of some sort. After that I stopped watching. Hopefully I can finally get this mystery solved; I have been wondering about it since I was very young!

4 thoughts on “Very strange english movie or TV episode from around the late 90s where

  1. This most likely isn’t what you’re looking for, but the first thing that sprang to mind when I read “teenage boy is pregnant” was a 2005 episode of the (made for adults) cartoon “American Dad.” The episode was called “Deacon Stan, Jesus Man.” As 2005 is later than your time frame, I think the script for this may have been loosely based on the show or movie for which you are looking.

    IMDB link:

  2. Thank you both! I should have stated that the movie or TV show I’m thinking of is live action, so it couldn’t be either cartoon. The search continues! 🙂

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