vampire movie

Hi it is a vampire movie, I saw in 1980 on tv in color, the movie beginning an old man return home on a horse back  and he is very tired, then his house hold start getting bitten, a young toddler die and get buried but he come back crying that he is hungry and his mom open to him and get bitten, one daughter fell in love with a man but can not remember much about him, the end seen the daughter and the man sitting in a hut she is getting ready to sink her fangs in his neck, the whole family are watching them from out side. please if any one could help me I am thankful.

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  1. Sounds like the “Wurdalak” segment of Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath anthology. The same story was also filmed as Night of the Devils.

        1. you are absolutely CORRECT thanks a 1000,000 you’re the best been looking for this years and if I kept looking I will never find it on my own, my hat is off for you thanks, I did not find this movie before all what I found was black sabbath music, but now found a trailer, thanks again.

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