Unusual Movie

Really looking for an unusual Scifi type movie where a guy leaves a bar to make a phone call  at a phone booth and is rushed or chased by a group of people or kids.  It could of been a brief hallucination.

The movie had like a dreamlike state to it at certain parts.

One thing I can remember for certain is the guy is riding a grey hound bus by himself and the outside area is dreamlike state. He shows up a a huge dark tower and there are giant curtains I think.

I am not 100% but I can’t help think it was a Stephen king adaption. However I looked at almost every Stephen king movie. Could of been a sci fi original movie..or a two part special. Although I checked those as well.

I remember this airing on Scifi network a few times. This would have to be a 90s movie or very early 2000s. I have been searching for this movie name for almost 10 years.

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