Looking for the name of a color film from late 50’s or early 60’s about a man who goes on a quest. It starts with him talking with an old woman (like a witch), in a room that has statues of different types of warriors that she brings to life to help in the quest. As the journey progresses the warriors get killed off one by one. Their is a scene where the man stops to get a drink from a pool of water. While he is drinking the water turns to blood and a skull floats to the surface and starts coming toward him. The white horse he has been riding helps to pull the man out of the pool. There is a scene toward the end where 3 of the warriors green ghost faces haunt in a cave scene. I believe all the killed warriors return to their place of being statues at the end. This is all I can remember. Please help.

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  1. Definitely ‘ The Magic Sword’. I just watched it a couple of weeks ago. The skull in the water was one of the hero’s knights, and they are all returned to life at the end by the mother of the hero because she is a good witch.

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