Underground short animation in which Jesus transforms into a giant fly

Hi guys. See if you can help me as you have done other times.

I remember seeing in the mid or late 90’s on television an experimental animation short in which the elements on screen didn’t stop transforming again and again. I was struck by a sequence in which Jesus became into the giant fly of the movie “The Fly”, probably for the same reason as in that movie, for a teleportation with malfunction. I can not be sure, but I don’t think there were any dialogues, just music. I don’t remember if the short had a definite plot, the story was told through the transformations or if there were only random transformations from the beginning to the end. It was probably not a short by Michaela Pavlatová but it was a similar graphic style, underground style, with 2D animation. I’m almost 100% certain that it was a short 90’s or 80’s. It is possible that it is a video clip and not a short film but in that channel they used to broadcast short films of underground animation between program and program, so it is most likely a short film.

Do you have any idea how short it is?

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