TV series mixing live action and animation

A few years ago I saw an episode of a TV series in YouTube in which two girls of 12 or 13 years and a little boy came into a world of 2D animation, a forest, especifically. In that world they were skunks and one of the girls let out much odorous gas and she was ashamed of it. The three meet a fox and helped him. Some evil dogs attacked them and cornered. At the end they were saved because the girl who let out much gas used it against dogs. After that they returned to their real world and were transformed again into humans. The animation style was similar to the Warner Bros/Looney Tunes characters (anthro animals like Bugs Bunny, Animaniacs, Fifi la fume, etc.) and they spoke in english, so most likely it’s an american series. The video in youtube was removed shortly after I saw it for copyright infringement. I dont remember in what year I saw it, but It was before 2010, and the series should be of the 2000s. I’m not sure but maybe the mix of live action and animation only happened in that episode. Perhaps in every episode the children entered in the world of some TV series or something like that, but I just saw that episode so I dont know.

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  1. Secret Adventures (episode ‘Shrug’). Here is the animated part but they have uploaded the whole episode in 3 parts 🙂

      1. Tell your friends! (You’ve been extremely lucky that 3 different people all recognized one of your descriptions. But they are all great movie guessers!)

        Thanks saph!

        1. Nya,Im feel a very lucky girl ^^ You can be sure that I will give publicity of the website among all the people I know. This site and the people that work here are a lifesaver. Thank you very much! 😀

          After discovering the title of “Pufnstuf”, “Vuk, the little fox” and “Secret Adventures” I remembered another animated film and a strange series of shorts. I’ll give you the details of those too, but this time I dont think my luck is going to repeat.

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