TV Movie about a Magician with a box

I saw the movie on TV either late 90s or early 2000s. I remember that the main character was a very “average” looking white guy. He was a magician, but he was either very new to it or just very bad at it. I think he had some sort of box or magic trunk, and this box might have been the source of the “real” magic. He might have inherited the box from a recently-deceased older male relative, and I think at first he didn’t realize the box was really magic and was a little disappointed that all he inherited was an old box. I’m not sure what the villains were after, maybe it was the box. I remember at the very final scene of the movie, the box is destroyed (burned? Blown up?). But throughout the movie, old timey magician’s advertisement sort of illustrations would appear at key moments with the name of a magician’s trick that was being used at that moment. And right before the movie ended it showed an illustration that said something like “resurrection” or “recreation” or some other word that suggested the destruction of the box might have been an illusion/trick itself.

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