Trying to work out what movie/show this scene is from?!

Okay, so this has been driving me nuts for days! The scene is as follows…

It’s a guy having dinner with a girl. He’s been shot in the side, but someone’s bandaged him up, and he’s tried to go to dinner and is acting like nothing’s happened. The girl has no idea what’s going on, I can’t remember why he’s been shot but obviously whatever else he’s involved in he doesn’t want the girl to know about it. She’s talking, and as the conversation goes on he looks down and notices that the blood is coming through the bandage and is seeping through his shirt, which he’s covering up with his jacket. As he’s losing more blood he’s finding it harder and harder to concentrate on the conversation, and eventually he passes out on the floor – at which point the girl sees the blood.

I feel like it was a Hollywood movie, and the two actors are pretty well known… If anyone knows what this is from I’d be EXTREMELY grateful!!!

Many thanks in advance 🙂

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