Trying to remember a superhero movie?

I apologise for the vagueness of this request but all I can remember are small bits of it and not a lot of detail?

It was in English

It was in colour

I’m fairly certain it was pre-2000

I don’t think the main character had any powers, I think he was more of a batman type? With gadgets and a costume?

The only thing I remember clearly was a scene with a large building that might have been a bank or deserted building, it might have been his hideout? I remember it was daytime, and the hero might have used tunnels or sewers to move around?

Feel free to suggest anything at all, I can’t always guarantee my memory so I’ll look at everything to find this again?

12 thoughts on “Trying to remember a superhero movie?

        1. Shadow is onw of my favourite films, so not that…I haven’t seen Darkman in ages tho, will have to re-watch just in case this might be it 🙂
          Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Not Punisher (also seen and loved) 😉
      I’ll definitely be taking a look at Danger:Diabolik tho, that looks interesting?
      Thanks 😀

  1. I thought of MANTIS last night, but forgot to post it. I was looking at the TV movie pilot, which is different from the series. It was pretty good.

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