Trying to remember a horror film.

Okay, I’m trying to remember a horror film I don’t know much about other than a few scenes. I saw it at least 4 years ago but I feel like it wasn’t a newish film at the time.

I remember there being a general focus on the house the characters were living in. The key scenes I remember; the main character (a guy) was recording near a river to get proof of this supernatural being? And he later shows it to what I think was his kids babysitter and she she’s it and it pulls her into the wall or something. The twist towards the end of the film was that this guy is a bit unstable and the babysitter? couldn’t actually see anything on the recording and the guy had just killed her.

Another one, I believe our main character died towards the end of the film, but kinda becomes part of the house, and his kids who is been taken away by car hears his dad and for some reason jumps out of the car killing himself, maybe to be with his dad again?

There a few other scenes that I’m a bit sketchy on. The main character guy goes into a public toilet stall and there’s someone on the other side whilst he’s inside. He can see the shoes from the gap at the bottom.

I also think he may have killed his wife by pushing her into a lake but I’m not sure

Thanks guys!

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