Trying to find this movie is driving me nuts!!

So this could be tricky, I have tried everything to track this movie down and have got no where. Its become a talking point for our circle of film watchers.

It was a new release I think probably 4 years or so ago, Colour, English language, I think maybe American made but not sure. I remember it been set in a mad max type post apocalyptic world. Main protaganist was a female, deliberately exploitative style, sexy outfits, big breasts etc. I remember it as a sort of homage to a very 70’s stylised, kinda grindhouse movie. Very violent. Kinda adult comic book stuff.

Film starts with the woman as a prisoner to a gang in a desert location, she escapes, kills them all, I seem to remember her then stealing a car (possibly black) and heading out on the road. I think it was a kind off revenge story, She teams up with a man and after several fights/encounters it moves to an futuristic office block setting, big bad corporation in charge type scenario. Though its all a bit vague I’m afraid.

That’s about all I got, which is why I am struggling !!!



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