Town that brainwash visitors

I saw this english language short film on tv some years ago. It is old, looks like before 2000s. It is short, maybe less than 10 minutes. So in this movie a man arrives in a town with a van or something and goes to a bar to ask address or something where he is given something to drink. He then drives off but all the roads mysteriously take him to the same bar where he drinks again and again and later is brainwashed or something and stays in the town. Then the name board of town shown up the population number magically increases by one. I cant remember the name of movie. Please help. This movie looks similar to goosebumps style episodes with same color a and all. Please help. Thnx in advance

P. S. I think it’s part of anthology.

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  1. USA used to air “Coffee Break” (and “A Little Fishy”) as filler apart from its companion stories, especially in their Saturday Nightmares block. So you may have seen it that way.

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