Town Stew or chili

I started watching this movie and never guessed what it was about….  it certainly was an eye opener

I remember watching a movie while living in Virginia, in the last 5 years, about a white man living in a town . He was mean and disgruntle.  Long story short:  The town had a annual town party,and this white man had disappeared….   The towns people were i think mostly black.   I guess he had no relatives in town to realize he was missing.      Everyone loved the stew and the people who made it were acknowledged it was favorable.    You know who made that stew favorable.  The name of the movie was:

the name of the town with stew or chili:  Examples:    New York Stew… or Buffalo Stew or Chili.

I really would like to know the name of this?



4 thoughts on “Town Stew or chili

  1. Sounds similar to ‘Fried Green Tomatos’ where a white man disappears after beating his wife and tries kidnapping his own son. The police detective is in the town investigating during a Bar B Que and says it was the best Bar B Que he ever had. There never was a body found

  2. I watched a movie where girl finds out the boyfriend had his hands transplanted. The hands were familiar, they were transplanted from ex boyfriend. Familiar touch I guess… I do not remember name??????

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