Title of Animated Movie With Robots?

A few weeks ago I was browsing through my homepage on Facebook, and a person in one of the Facebook groups I’m in posted a clip of what I first thought was an anime. I asked them what the title of the anime was, but all they told me was “It’s a movie.”. So, I asked if they know the name of the movie. They just said, “Yeah, I know the title of the movie.” and I wasn’t given the name. (Hands down, people like this make me so mad. Who else is with me?)
Basically what I remember is there are these two boys (maybe about high school age as they looked to be wearing uniforms), and they were sitting in a hip coffee shop. All of a sudden, a robot that thinks it’s a human walks in and sits with them. The boys and the robot all order a cup of coffee. The boys converse with the robot, and when their coffee order arrives, the boys are freaking out, thinking that the robot is going to explode once it drinks the coffee.
This is an animated movie, and I would love to know what the title is so I can watch the while thing.

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