Time Travel Movie

A man has an ongoing game of chess with his son, but one day, he must go out of state for a business trip. Before he leaves at the airport, he gives his son a stopwatch. The man never comes back, due to the fact that he traveled back in time, but the family doesn’t know this. The boy is raised by his mother until he goes off to college. At college he begins to investigate the case of his father. He found a magazine of a man dead in an alley, and in the scene a pocket watch, identical to the one he was given, is hanging out of his pocket. The boy learns the secrets to time travel and visits his father, who stayed in Einstein’s era. In order to convince his father to come back, the boy shoots himself in front of him.  The father travels back to his son and wife.

Somehow I remember almost every detail of this movie, but not the title. Thanks for the help.

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