Thriller/Black Comedy film starts off with a shot of a black guy points a gun on a white guy claims he’s god

It’s a thriller/black comedy film from the 2000s or late 90s, it starts off with a shot of a black guy pointing a gun on a white guy in his bedroom while he’s sleeping (there’s also the black guy’s assistant there), waking him up and explains that he’s god (the black guy) and his (the white guy) life is gonna change in the next hour (maybe it was 30 minutes, or even 10, can’t really remember). From there on almost every scene transitioned into a ticking digital clock. The black guy says that the white guy’s girl is cheating on him at the moment and i’m pretty sure that the next scene is his gf cheating on him in a hotel room. then there are two security guys jerking off to the security cameras, recording the sex scene. then one of them gets a phone call and is told to destroy the tape (and i think he’s just starting to run with the tape or something). 

Another scene i remember is of the black guy and his assistant, in which the assistant is walking out of the bedroom into the first floor of the white guy’s house and she finds a woman there, then she knocks her out and ties her up and puts her in a closet or something. And then there is a scene in which the assistant covers the tracks of the woman that got into the house.
One of the next scenes is of the assistant goes upstairs and shoots the black guy (and there’s blood all over the room, and there’s also a close-up on a picture of the white guy and his gf with blood dripping all over it).

I think that’s pretty much the scenes I can remember somewhat clearly.
If someone has any idea of what is this film I’ll be grateful forever.

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