this is real weird

this is weird because i can’t remember when Iv seen the movie, maybe  it is simply a figment of my imagination.

It is definitely in color , it is a drama movie .

It  is about a triangle of love and hate.

One young and beautiful lady, a cabaret singer ,if i remember correctly.

Man number one is the elder gentlemen with all the possessions and power one could desire.

the other, younger man has sweet bugger all but wants the lady badly

he decides  he wants to become as rich and powerful as the older man so that he would be able to compete.


There are also some magical powers involved.

Scene i remember:  The old guy owns a huge power station that also contains castle-like lodgings. There is a pompous party at which the young singer is supposed to perform. right in front of the stage are  some special chairs for VIP.

When the singer starts the young man feels he has to go and sit in one of these chairs to be a close as possible to his “object of admiration.

Alas, the old guy comes and interferes and tells him vacant this special seat.

big bummer.


Another scene :  A small city setting with garden. The power, (like flubber)

creates havoc and is knocking things about , turns into a kinda whirlwind and disappears down the drain hole of a big garden fountain.

The young man, desperate to get the power sticks his whole arm down the hole to get it……….but ends up getting sucked down into the whole completely.


Hope this movie really exist  and be happy for your help.

quite desperate.

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