Thiller/horror/suspense movie with a mystery female that hypnotizes males and kills them on a ship


This post is a tough one I think. I remember seeing it on tv in the late 70’s or early 80’s. That would mean that it was probably in the theater a few years earlier. The movie was about a ship that rescues a young woman from another boat. She is mesmerizing to the male crew members but something about her is not quite right. As the movie goes along, she seduces the other men and somehow hypnotizes them and kills them. She might have been a ghost or some siren. There was one guy that for some reason she didn’t kill and that he wasn’t afraid of her. I guess maybe she saw that he had a pure heart that she might have fallen for him. I remember it when I was young, but it was a mix of horror, suspense, and with a small touch of love story. In the end, the mystery girl hypnotizes him to go to sleep and takes him to some beach. She kisses him and heads back out into the ocean. As he wakes up, he sees her disappear before his eyes. That’s all I can remember. Hope someone out there knows which movie I’m talking about. I’m sure if I have a movie title, I can be certain if it’s the movie or not. Thanks even though I’m not too optimistic about a solution.

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  1. intrigued by this one. elements of Night Tide (1961) and Queen of Blood (1966), both oddly enough directed by Curtis Harrington, but i don’t think the movie is either. for one thing, no boat/ship.

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