Tell me the title please.

I saw an english movie which was in color. The scene was that, I think at the end of the movie,  the main actor and actress meet each other. The actress was wearing white top and white skirt. They both start walking in the country side. And there is a moment where the actress gets attacked by some bird or bat. And she goes near to the lake with the actor walking along with her. There she tries to clean her one of the breasts. And after that it starts to rain and they both run and get under a big tree. There in the rain under the tree they look at each other and starts having sex. The actor didn’t remove her cloths except her panties. All this is happening on the country side. Not in a city or a highly populated place but in a country side kind of village.

I saw this movie on tv(HBO i guess). The year was 2000. It was color english language movie. Its keep on bugging me to remember the title so please help me with the title.


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