Teenage boy and a Housekeeper


I would like to get to know this movie name please if you can help

The movie is set in the 80’s and the plot is about a teenage boy who seems quite fair with blonde hair (if I can remember properly beacause its been quite a while since I’ ve watched this movie on TV), who lived with his parents, then one day some sort of housekeeper came to live with them at their house,she was tall sexy with blonde hair too. The boy seemed interested in the lady and often popped in her room. If  I can remember once she …..in her room. The boy also is seen looking secretly without being noticed at the Ladys room from behind her window

Then another scene I remember is when the Lady asked the boy to make love to her and she placed him on the arm chair stood up on him and started having sex

I  would most appreciate if you can help me with this film


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