Teacher Attacked in her Classroom

Hello friends. I need help identifying another movie. This may have been a made-for-tv movie. It aired on television in the late 70s or early 80s. Judging by the clothes people wear, it is set on the late 60s to mid 70s.

The movie is centered on a teacher at a high school. She is Caucasian with brown wavy hair about shoulder length. She is well liked by most of the students, but it is a rough high school with gang/drug/other problems so the school installs alarms in all the class rooms. The alarm is a large red button mounted on the wall. The teachers can hit the button, and it rings in the office so people can come to the classroom and help.

One day, some students are rough housing and one boy is pushed into the button. He is sent to the office to tell them it’s a false alarm, and meets the office people running to help in the hallway.

A short time after—a few days, perhaps, but I don’t know the time frame—the teacher is alone in her classroom when a rough looking young man (possibly a student?) comes in and starts to attack her. She pushes the button, but no one in the office hears because a piece of equipment (maybe a mimeograph machine?) is making a lot of noise. When the machine stops and they notice the alarm, they think it might be another false alarm. Only one woman (tall, slender, African American woman, short hair) goes to see what the problem is. She meets the teacher in the hallway, obviously hurt and her clothing in disarray. It is implied that the teacher was beaten and raped.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I appreciate all guesses—every title I rule out narrows the field of possibilities!


6 thoughts on “Teacher Attacked in her Classroom

  1. My goodness, sandnc, you are amazing! I have been trying to identify this movie for years. I am continually impressed by your ability. This is the movie I was searching for, and that you provided a link so I can watch it is icing on the tasty cake! If I were in charge of awarding solves, I’d give you two for this one!

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