Sword and Sorcery film from 70s/80s. Death by nude pile-on!

I have had this film on my mind for years (seems to be a familiar story from looking around this site!). All I remember is a typical, cheap Roger Corman style sword and sorcery movie and, at the end, the bad guy is set upon and essentially suffocated/crushed by a huge “pile-on” of scantily-clad women. I was sure it was one of the Deathstalker films but having bought and viewed them all recently, I was upset to realise it wasn’t. It is also not The Barbarian Queen, though I have yet to see the sequal. I have hope that it may be The Warrior and the Sorceress with David Carradine but have yet to confirm this. I saw this film on VHS around 1989/1990 and it was certainly not new then. Any thoughts?

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