Surreal movie about a girl who draws a picture that comes to life.

I saw this movie on TV (it’s also possible it could have been an episode of something) as a child around the early to mid-90s. It was in color and in English, but I’m not sure of its age. I didn’t get to see the whole thing, but I remember asking my mother what was going on and she responded along the lines of “this girl drew a picture and the things in it came to life”.

Some vague images I remember from it were a bunch of candles (on an alter maybe) suddenly getting blown out, and what appears to be eyes and a large set of square teeth just floating in the darkness (now that I think about it, the teeth could very well have been my misinterpretation of a factory window).

A little later, a girl is hiding in a closet(?) with someone else. A man who wants to harm her is searching for her amongst the backdrop of a large fire. The girl uses scissors to slowly cut a piece of paper, which I assume is the drawing. After that, I think the man finds her and tries to harm her, but they stop him. Last scene I remember is with the girl recovering in a hospital.

I know its not very specific, but I’m hoping someone can help me identify what this was after all these years.

3 thoughts on “Surreal movie about a girl who draws a picture that comes to life.

    1. Yes, that’s it! It’s not exactly how I remember it (guess that radio/speaker thing was what I interpreted as the face), but the passage of time will do that. There’s no mistaking it now though, I greatly appreciate your help.


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