Suicide/murder/strange support group in a hotel, constant party in the hallway movie????

I thought I already submitted this but I don’t see it so, forgive me if it’s a duplicate.

I saw a movie in July or August 2014, I believe on FOX TV network in the U.S. It was a recent movie, I’d say from the last few years but could be as old as 2000. It was in color and in English and I’m assuming it is American made. For some reason, I swear Kirsten Dunst was in this movie and keep thinking it has something to do with The Virgin Suicides but it is not that movie and I can not find it when searching Kirsten Dunst. The majority of the movie takes place in a hotel or dormitory type building where the doors are numbered. There appears to be a constant party going on in the hallway. In one room, there is some sort of support group where young people gather and I’ve young man reads from a journal if some sort. This scene reoccurs multiple times with fewer and fewer people attending I assume because they were either murdered it committed suicide. In another room, there is a young couple. The male  us in a band. The female is a blonde actress that I thought was Kirsten Dunst but was a female actress I recognized, possibly a Disney actress? They are plotting murder in that room and the girl seems to be trying to leave her family. In another room, there is a girl sitting, hugging her knees. The room is all white. Mental institution? A woman comes in and appears to try to entice her into committing suicide. The theme of the entire movie seems to be that these people are all connected in that they try to convince others to either commit murder or suicide. Another young male is in his room at home, apparently watching deaths online but he can not leave his house. A murder us committed on the streets, by one if the young males. At the end, the male who read from the journal is in the support group room and the male who was in a band comes in and murders him. I believe that us how it ended. It was a very confusing movie as I didn’t see the beginning. I keep wondering if it was a dream but my dreams do not usually follow such patterns. Any help offered will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    1. That doesn’t seem right. Granted, I saw it on TV but there were absolutely no bloody or graphic scenes and no sex scenes at all. There was nothing scary about it. It was more just a bunch of high school/college kids, trying to deal with life by enticing others to end it.

      1. Yeah, that’s not it at all. Too many recognizable actors. I would have remembered. These actors were all no names, except the blonde girl that I recognized. Thank you for the suggestion though. Nowhere looks quite interesting.

    1. Parts were kind of funny, in a sarcastic way but lots of angst. None of the people were happy. They were all suffering from emotional issues. The party in the hallway was meant to be funny. Like this guy is walking through all these drunk, dressed up people, having fun, mocking them, as he walks by to attend his “suicide support group”. The characters also made some darkly humorous comments from time to time.

  1. I didn’t see the beginning but now it makes more sense. They were in an online chat room but it was being acted out as face to face interaction. That’s why the room kept changing to such different places, even though it seemed to all be in the same hotel. I also now understand why fewer and fewer people were showing up to the “support group”. They were being shut out of the chat room.

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