Suicide Movie (British?)

Hey, I’m looking for a movie that I saw about 5 years ago. I know I watched it on Netflix. The movie was in English, and I strongly believe that some of the actors had a British accent (if not all of them). I don’t remember any of the actors though. They appeared to be young adults, and themes about drugs, suicide, and bullying were in the movie.

I remember that some of the movie plot was about how a group of guys kept bullying a girl. That girl later on wrote a suicide letter and committed suicide in her room. I think her brother or someone in her family found her dead in her room and reads the letter she wrote. Towards the end of the movie, her brother gets revenge on one of the boys who was bullying his sister by killing him. This was probably one of the final scenes, I think the brother pulled up to a party and shot the bully.

I also think the movie started off with a group of guys (maybe 3-5), who were hanging out with each other. One of the guys was killed (by the brother explained above), one of the other guys left the group because he got involved with a gang I think. I vaguely remember a scene where the boy was getting a tattoo or he was getting sliced by a knife.


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